Empowering Success


We strive to create an environment, centered on our core value of respect for all people, that fuels associate engagement and career growth. In 2020, we added an equity focus to our longstanding diversity and inclusion program, renaming it Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). Adding equity to our focus reflects our desire to promote fairness, remove bias and ensure all of our associates have access to the resources they need to succeed at work.

To create positive change for associates, we are working to increase diverse representation throughout our organization; create an environment where every associate feels included and valued; and promote equal opportunity in recruitment, hiring, training, development and advancement. Our efforts have been recognized by others, including Forbes, which ranked The Home Depot on its list of Best Employers for Diversity in 2021.

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The Home Depot’s learning and development programs expand skills and capabilities so associates can master their current roles and prepare for future ones. We strive to build a learning-rich workplace where associates and leaders are prepared to succeed, motivated to serve our customers well and given opportunities to grow. We see results from our approach to turning front-line jobs into careers: Nearly 90% of our store leaders started as hourly associates.

+CHECK IT OUT: Meet Christine Botnick, who started as a part-timer selling paint and now leads hundreds of supply chain associates. Her career and leadership style demonstrate how embracing diversity, equity and inclusion fuels success.


Associate engagement is the emotional commitment associates have to our company and our goals. It is vital to The Home Depot’s culture and success.

Associate Resource Groups
Our associate resource groups (ARGs) are led by associates and sponsored by executive leaders. They drive associate engagement and promote inclusion through:

• Professional development
• Cultural awareness
• Community outreach

Our ARGs support the company’s business objectives and policies, particularly those related to developing our associates, creating diversity awareness and engaging diverse community partners. The Home Depot has pledged to expand associate resource groups to include more associates and increase engagement and participation.

Voice of the Associate
Highly engaged associates care about their work and the performance of The Home Depot. Our passion is to create an engaging and inclusive workplace; we do so by proactively listening and responding to associate feedback.

In 2020, to alleviate one of the pressures on associates as they took care of customers and one another, we suspended our annual companywide Voice of the Associate survey. Instead, we invited associates working in U.S. stores and distribution centers to complete an optional online pulse survey about their workplace experiences during COVID-19. The feedback indicated associates felt supported by their supervisors and by the company’s flexible scheduling to help them balance work and personal lives during the pandemic. An overwhelming majority also said they were proud to work for The Home Depot.

Engagement Platform
Our associate engagement platform, Yammer, provides opportunities for us to reach associates across devices. The digital hub has more than 900 communities linking associates who share common interests — everything from remodeling and volunteerism to food and movies. Associates can keep up with company news, connect to corporate leaders, cultivate their creativity and fuel their orange-blooded entrepreneurial spirit. More than 450,000 associates across the U.S. and Canada have access to Yammer.

+DID YOU KNOW: We launched Caring Conversations in 2020 in response to unrest in our communities. Associates are invited to hear company leaders’ candid stories about race and ethnicity and to learn from experts in civil rights, voting and more.


Doing business with a diverse group of suppliers provides our company with unique ideas, different perspectives and innovative products that meet the needs of our customers. We believe our supplier diversity program increases shareholder value, drives innovation and creates positive economic impact in the communities we serve.

We offer development and mentoring resources to support the growth of our diverse suppliers, and we partner with organizations that provide them with certification, education and opportunities for capital and networking.

The Home Depot is developing a Tier II supplier diversity program that aims to drive more spending from our direct Tier I suppliers to diverse businesses. We’re working to better ensure that a portion of the money we spend on products and services, even with suppliers that are not identified as diverse, makes its way to diverse enterprises.

+DID YOU KNOW: In 2020, we increased our year-over-year spending with diverse suppliers to $3.2 billion.