Caring For Our People


Home Depot associates are at different life stages, and our Benefits4U program guides them to the right resources. With one click, associates can find support for wherever they are on life’s journey. For example, the money module is the place to go for help with personal finance education or retirement planning. The elders module provides guidance on everything from finding caregivers for aging parents to negotiating the complexities of Medicare. 

We also provide support for life’s unexpected challenges, including an array of benefits for associates battling cancer or facing hardships because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The Home Depot spent approximately
$1.3 billion on enhanced pay and benefits in the first half of 2020 to ease associates’ health, family and financial challenges related to the pandemic. We’re now transitioning from temporary programs to permanent compensation enhancements for front-line, hourly associates, an investment that will add up to approximately $1 billion on an annualized basis.


Our philosophy of taking care of our people and motivating them to deliver a superior customer experience shapes our profit-sharing program for hourly associates. Success Sharing provides semi-annual
cash awards for performance against our company’s business plan, including sales and productivity goals.

The outstanding performance of our associates in fiscal 2019 enabled 100% of stores to qualify for Success Sharing in both the first and second half of the year, resulting in bonus payments to our non-management associates of more than $200 million. The company's first half performance in 2020 resulted in a record Success Sharing payout. 

+DID YOU KNOW? The Home Depot’s Success Sharing program has granted awards to associates totaling more than $1 billion since 2015.


The Home Depot aims for a safe workplace and shopping environment by anticipating risks and seeking innovations that prevent injuries. Using a methodical approach to identifying and abating risk as new processes are developed, we design out hazards, adding needed controls and increasing our ability to alert associates about risks. Our associate communications platform delivers real-time safety information. Our training modules are available in a variety of media platforms to accommodate associates’ preferences and individual learning styles. Plus, we are reducing complexity in our safety messaging, shifting from text-based documents to images and infographics that help associates quickly understand which workplace behaviors best guard them against injuries.

We believe our efforts yield results. The Home Depot’s injury rates are consistently lower than industry averages for our retail class, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the first half of 2020, we responded to challenges of the COVID pandemic by putting in place several measures to increase the safety of associates and customers.