At the Home Depot, we are committed to building inclusive and sustainable business opportunities for women, minority, veteran, disability and LGBTQ owned companies. Our Supplier Diversity program was established in 2003, with the goal of increasing shareholder value, driving innovation and creating positive impact in the communities we serve. We celebrate and invest in minority entrepreneurs because we understand their critical role in driving innovation, creating jobs and meaningful solutions in our communities.

In fiscal 2021, we spent $3.3 billion with diverse suppliers. We believe our Supplier Diversity program increases shareholder value, drives innovation and creates economic impact in the communities that we serve. We also provide supplier development and mentoring resources to assist with business growth, and we partner with organizations that provide certification, education, opportunities for capital and networking opportunities.

In fiscal 2021, we launched a Tier II supplier diversity program designed to drive more spending from our direct Tier I suppliers to diverse businesses. We’re working to better ensure that a portion of the money we spend on products and services, even with suppliers that are not identified as diverse, makes its way to diverse enterprises.

+DID YOU KNOW: In 2022, we announced a goal to achieve $5 billion in direct annual spend with diverse suppliers by 2025.

CEO Supplier Diversity Statement




We are proud to use diverse suppliers in our product assortment across our stores. From our garden assortment to our hardware, décor and more, our diverse suppliers provide quality products to meet our customer needs. We partner with many organizations to provide invaluable resources to diverse suppliers, including: