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Sourcing Responsibly


We're committed to respecting the rights of all individuals throughout our supply chain. Our values of Doing the Right Thing, Respect for All People and Taking Care of Our People are at the center of our Human Rights program. The Home Depot and our affiliates, divisions and subsidiaries respect and support the dignity, well-being and human rights of our associates, the workers in our extended supply chain, the communities in which we live and those affected by our operations.

For over 15 years, our responsible sourcing program has helped us assess and manage the many aspects of our supply chain oversight and support our efforts to conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner. We engage our suppliers by requiring them to produce products in factories that adhere to responsible sourcing standards. We report on our progress in our annual Responsible Sourcing Report.

We also place additional focus around higher-risk commodities, demographics and regions. As part of this approach, we monitor current trends in the domestic and international labor markets to identify growing risk areas in our supply chain and update our standards and audit practices based on any new trends.

+DID YOU KNOW: Under our responsible sourcing policy, The Home Depot conducted 1,420 factory audits and 1,684 follow-up visits in 33 countries in fiscal year 2022.


We aim to ensure the transparent, responsible use of global forest resources in our products. We understand that responsible forest management preserves and protects the benefits forests provide, especially in endangered forested regions. Our sustainable forestry efforts focus on ensuring that wood supplies are managed responsibly and wisely today so that timber and healthy forests remain available for future generations. To support these efforts, we aim to eliminate the purchase of wood and wood products from endangered regions such as the Amazon or Congo Basin areas, Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands, unless FSC-certified. We take pride in promoting sustainable forestry practices among our suppliers and supporting our customers’ access to sustainably sourced wood products.

We have used our influence to improve the protection of forests at the highest risk. We sell less than 2% of the roundwood cut worldwide, but we believe our activities have improved the industry’s forestry practices. As of fiscal year 2022, our sources of wood products are from North America (approximately 79.7%), South America (approximately 10.4%), Asia (approximately 5.1%) and from Africa, Eurasia, Europe and Oceania (approximately 4.9%).


We're committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations wherever we do business. As part of that commitment, we require compliance with the Lacey Act, a U.S. law that applies to plant and plant products, including wood. Our Lacey Act compliance policy helps ensure that the plant products we sell come from legal sources and reflect our longstanding commitment to sustainability.

+DID YOU KNOW: To further our commitment to sustainable forestry and increased transparency, we recently participated in the CDP forests questionnaire, and recently published our Sustainable Forestry Report, and updated our Wood Purchasing Policy.