Sourcing Responsibly


We support suppliers that take action toward maintaining our collective commitment to human rights and safety in our supply chain. We purchase products made in factories that adhere to our Responsible Sourcing Standards, which mandate that suppliers abide by all applicable international and local laws, rules and regulations in the manufacturing and distribution of merchandise or services provided to us. We conduct audits around the world to ensure compliance with these standards. Our annual Responsible Sourcing Report details our progress.

Suppliers must keep on-site documentation that demonstrates compliance with our standards. They also must allow Home Depot associates and/or representatives full access to production facilities, worker records, production records and workers for confidential interviews in connection with monitoring visits. We expect our suppliers to promptly correct any noncompliance, and we check their progress. If suppliers fail to improve, we may terminate our business relationships with them. Equally important, we support factories that take action to create lasting social and environmental compliance programs. We encourage suppliers and factory workers to communicate concerns via processes outlined in our Business Code of Conduct & Ethics.

+DID YOU KNOW: Under our responsible sourcing policy, The Home Depot conducted 1,437 factory audits and 1,575 follow-up visits in 34 countries in fiscal year 2020.


As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, we have the ability to effect change by doing the right thing.

To help protect endangered forests and to ensure that there will be timber for future generations, The Home Depot first issued our Wood Purchasing Policy in 1999. Since then we have successfully led our suppliers toward understanding and practicing sustainable forestry throughout the world.

The policy outlines our commitment to practice and promote the efficient and responsible use of wood and wood products originating from certified, well-managed forests.

+DID YOU KNOW: Most of The Home Depot’s wood product purchases originate from North American forests, some of the most sustainable forests in the world.