Living Our Values Across the Globe

May 21, 2021

Here's a look inside The Home Depot’s Chinese, Vietnamese and Indian sourcing offices through the eyes of three associates who work there. 

Sunny Qin was born and raised in Guilin, China. In 2014, she moved to Shanghai, joining The Home Depot’s Asia Sourcing Office as a quality engineer. Today, she’s the assistant supplier quality manager of the QA Data team, leading the creation of platforms to share and analyze data insights.  

At the Shanghai office, Sunny believes the key to their success can be explained through one of The Home Depot’s core values: Respect for All People. “I am obsessed with The Home Depot’s culture and values,” says Sunny. “The positive and healthy environment encourages us to get out of our comfort zones and make the impossible possible. We should be open to all voices and ideas.” 

Anup Sonny was raised in Bangalore, India as the oldest of three. He first began working at The Home Depot’s India Sourcing Office as an engineering contractor in 2014, transitioning to a full-time associate in 2015. Today, he leads a team of five engineers as the assistant manager in Value Engineering. 

Anup says his biggest challenge and accomplishment has been recreating himself. In the office, Anup says he has seen and experienced the true meaning of the value, Taking Care of Our People. “The Home Depot has provided me with every opportunity to grow and advance. We have amazing leaders, and wonderful people around to support us.”  

Khanh Duong has more than 15 years of experience in the hardline industry, a section of retail that concerns products like home furnishings and electronics. She first entered her field as an apprentice immediately after finishing college in 2005. Today, she works as a manager leading two sourcing specialists at The Home Depot’s Vietnam Sourcing Office.  

Khanh joined The Home Depot in 2019, the same year that the Vietnam Sourcing Office opened. "I was the fourth associate to have joined. And there are so many wonderful things about working here,” she says. As a leader, it’s important to bring solutions to the table and Build Strong Relationships. “We’re encouraged to bring our whole selves to work and create an environment of trust and mutual respect.” 

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