3 Tips to Create a Backyard Fall Oasis

October 01, 2018

There’s no need to limit outdoor space to the summer months. With these quick tips, you can be outdoors year round.

Turf builder winter guard

Step 1: Refresh and Reseed

First, remove any grass that the sun damaged over the summer. Scrape it out and re-seed – but ensure the top of the dirt is wet and receives at least one inch of water per day. Frank Giorno, a Garden department supervisor at The Home Depot in Westerly, Rhode Island, suggests using a winter guard to prevent any future damage when the ground freezes.

Ryobi self propelled mower

Step 2: Keep Leaves at Minimum

One key to fall lawn maintenance is removing any falling leaves. Frank recommends this Ryobi self-propelling mower to help.

“It’s battery powered, has a bag and is self-propelled,” he explains. “The mower will pick up the leaves and mulch it for you,” Frank says. This prevents the leaves from causing damage to the freshly re-seeded lawn. The mulched leaves can also be added to your garden as fertilizer.

 “It also holds a good charge so it can handle a big job.”

Fire pit

Step 3: Make it Fun and Functional

Don’t let the landscaping go to waste. Find a way to stay outdoors in the cooler temperatures. Building corn hole boards is a fun way to keep the blood moving at half time during the big game – and they’re simple to put together with some plywood, saw and drill. Use this detailed project guide for step-by-step instructions. And when it gets really chilly, add a fire pit to stay warm.

What does your backyard oasis look like? Submit photos into the RYOBI Nation contest by October 8 for a chance to win $350 in RYOBI power tools and Halloween décor.

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