The Perfect Backyard Fire Pit

July 23, 2018

Whether you’re making s’mores or hosting friends, here are some tips to picking—or building—the right fire pit for you.

Hampton Bay fire pit

For a Simple S’more

Casual marshmallow toasting is simple with a ready-made fire pit like this one from Hampton Bay. It is easy to move around and keeps you safe from flames with an ember screen. “Just make sure to clear them out when you’re finished using it,” says Chris Rogers, Department Supervisor at The Home Depot in Summerville, South Carolina. “I’d recommend going out the morning after and getting rid of the leftover wood or charcoal so it doesn’t hold moisture against the metal.”

Backyard fire pit

For Pleasing the Party Crowd

If a custom pit is what you’re looking for, this step-by-step guide will tell you all the right materials and precautions to take.

Chris’s biggest piece of advice is to ensure your bricks or concrete pavers fit together before adding adhesive. “I’d encourage anybody, before they use any mortar or gravel, to build it in place exactly the way they want to put it together,” Chris says. “That will help you troubleshoot and avoid a headache.”

And if you have questions along the way, stop by your local store for help.  

backyard fire pit

Fire Up the Grill

Many pre-made fire pits come with cooking grates, but you can easily add your own to a handmade fire pit. Chris recommends a ceramic or porcelain-coated style for long-term durability. “They last so much longer and you don’t have to worry about steel rusting in the off-season,” he says. “It’s worth spending the extra money to upgrade.”

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