February 15, 2019

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, The Homer Fund is the Company’s nonprofit exclusively for associates. Established by our co-founders Bernie Marcus, Arthur Blank and Ken Langone, it has awarded $176 million to more than 138,000 Home Depot families facing unforeseen hardships. “It’s like a parachute for people in trouble. It’s not going to stop me from hitting the ground, but it’ll maybe soften the blow,” says Doug, a customer service greeter.

Taking care of our people is a core value for associates of the Home Depot. When hardships and disasters strike, associates know they can rely on each other for help, thanks in part to The Homer Fund.

Associates fundraise throughout the year, organizing everything from bake sales to barbeques. “Individually, they may not feel that their contributions are significant in value, but we have the ability to move mountains and really have an impact on our associates’ lives,” says Brian, a district manager.

Meet five of our Homer Fund legacy donors – a handful of associates who have been contributing since the very beginning.


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