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Give Me an H: Chairman and CEO Craig Menear’s Passion for Retail Starts with Winning the Customer

February 25, 2022

When Craig Menear started looking for work after college, he wasn’t really interested in retail, and he certainly did not imagine one day running the world’s largest home improvement retailer. 

But a job interview he booked for practice ignited his passion for the always-evolving, people-centered retail industry. The competition of winning customers, the ability to surround himself with others who inspire him and the certainty of learning something new every day have fueled Craig’s 25-year career at The Home Depot — including more than seven years as chief executive officer, during which The Home Depot experienced tremendous growth. 

As he prepares to hand over the CEO reins, while continuing as company chairman, Craig talked to “Give Me an H” about the people who’ve helped build his career: 

  • A father who gave 110 percent, and taught his kids to do the same 
  • Mentors, including Home Depot’s founders, who offered wisdom 
  • Family members who nurtured work-life integration 
  • Associates whose dedication to customers and co-workers inspired him, and still do 

“My best day is any day where I can be in the field with our front-line associates, whether that's in the store or in a distribution center,” Craig says. “We’ve got a long-tenured group and young, new associates starting their careers, and you see their interaction. It’s just … magic.” 


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