The Home Depot podcast Give Me an H brings listeners into uncharted territory.

Go Behind the Scenes with “Give Me An H” - The Home Depot's Podcast Series Takes You Into Uncharted Territory

July 24, 2019

The Home Depot’s culture is its special sauce for success. The podcast series, “Give Me An H,” explores this unique culture through the eyes and experiences of associates who live it every day. It offers insider perspectives into how bleeding orange shapes careers and instills an appreciation for what can happen when a company commits to doing good, while also doing well.

Listen to the latest episodes below. 

About this Episode: Jose Barra, SVP of Décor, shares how his journey through the retail world has shaped his perspective on building and supporting great teams. Learn how The Home Depot culture is inspring innovation and growth.

DIY Career Advice with Carol Tomé

About this Episode: Carol Tomé, EVP and CFO of The Home Depot, shares personal stories, lessons learned and real-world advice from her career journey. Learn how The Home Depot offers associates countless opportunities for career and character growth.

The Evolution of Sustainability with Ron Jarvis

About this Episode: Ron Jarvis, VP of Environmental Innovation and Social Environmental Responsibility, shares his wealth of knowledge on all things orange… and green. Learn how The Home Depot is taking care of our planet and helping customers stay eco-friendly.

The Need for Supply Chain Speed with Mark Holifield

About this Episode: Mark Holifield, EVP of Supply Chain & Product Development, explains why innovation and speed are essential for The Home Depot’s continued success. By investing $1.2 billion into its Supply Chain, it’s safe to say the company is doubling down on this critical part of the business. Listen in as Mark shares innovative ways that The Home Depot is creating the best customer experience.

Matt Carey discusses technology and retail.

About this Episode: Matt Carey, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, shares exciting information about how The Home Depot leverages home-grown technology to create game-changing customer solutions.  

VP of Corporate Communications and External Affairs, Stacey Tank discusses The Home Depot's commitment to skilled trades training.

About this Episode: Stacey Tank, VP of Corporate Communications and External Affairs, shares exciting details of The Home Depot Foundation’s ground-breaking initiative: Investing $50 million to help close the skilled-labor gap in America.

Spanish episode with Hector Padilla

Este Episodio: En este Episodio: El Gerente del Distrito de Puerto Rico, Carlos Fines, entrevisto a Héctor Padilla, el presidente de la División Sur. Lo que inicio como una conversación sobre la vida de Héctor, el tema rápidamente se cambió algo muy diferente: los Huracanes que arrebataron a Puerto Rico. "Ves este animal viniendo hacia ti, y no hay lugar a donde correr."

About this Episode: In an all-Spanish interview, Carlos Fines, District Manager, Puerto Rico, sat down with Hector Padilla, President, Southern Division. An interview about Hector’s life soon shifts to a different topic: the hurricanes in Puerto Rico. “You see this animal coming your way, and there’s nowhere to run.” 

Click here to read the English transcript.


Crystal Hanlon talks about doing the right thing.

About this Episode: Crystal Hanlon, president of Home Depot's northern division, shares how she first learned about the company's unique culture from behind the cash register.


Tim Hourigan discusses living our values.

About this Episode: Human resources leader Tim Hourigan details how the concept of being "orange-blooded" grew from the founders' belief that if the company takes care of associates, they'll take care of customers — and the rest will take care of itself.

Ted Decker discusses merchandising

About this Episode: Merchandising head Ted Decker explains how an entrepreneurial mindset, caring for fellow associates and a passion for extraordinary service are essential to Home Depot’s success.


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