Tools and Timing: Two Secrets to This Couple’s Easy Move

November 06, 2018

Mark and Clare Hartigan’s moving story started two years ago. The couple from Brookhaven, Georgia, owned a four-bedroom home in Alpharetta, Georgia, for 20 years but decided to downsize to be closer to Clare’s job. They rented a 1,000-square-foot apartment in a high-rise building in Atlanta in 2016, but wanted extra space after two years and decided to reinvest in property.

When they started searching in early 2018, prices and renovation needs steered them towards a townhouse in Brookhaven that was move-in ready. “Part of the reason we ended up agreeing on a townhouse was also due to the upkeep of a single-family home,” Mark says. “We could afford a townhouse that was basically brand new, next to a park and a great space.”

Weeks in advance, just after they made the offer on their new home, Clare stocked up on all the necessary supplies. “The key was starting early so we weren’t stressed out,” she says. “Every night, I’d come home and tackle a certain area. Then we’d stack the boxes up in one area. When [the movers] showed up, all of our stuff was in already packed in stackable boxes. It made the process incredibly efficient and the easiest move we’d ever done—even the movers commented on it.”

Take a page from Mark and Clare’s book to make packing and moving simple.  Make sure you have the right tools for the job, including: bubble wrap, packing tape, markers, cardboard boxes, clear plastic bins, and additional items on this checklist. Those extra pieces will keep items like china, keepsakes and important mementos safe throughout the move.

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