Supplier Spotlight: From Rugs to Riches with Nance Industries

January 08, 2019

“When I first started, I never dreamed of all this,” says Carol Nance, founder and CEO of Nance Industries.

Nance Industries started in 1972 as a small carpet and rug company and has grown into a five-plant operation in Calhoun, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. It offers flooring and services to major home centers and retailers by manufacturing a variety of products including area rugs, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl plank, wall décor and stair treads.

Nance has the best-selling carpet tile at The Home Depot, offered both in stores and online. Products like Versatile are affordable and easy to install with a simple, peel and stick application. It comes in a variety of colors and is ideal for residential and commercial areas.

“A lot of the things we do are assembly line, but a lot of things are not, like the custom rug program. It’s one of a kind,” says Carol. Under the Custom Rug Program, any Nance carpet product in a store can be customized to any size and shipped directly to the customer.

“This business is so labor intensive, the machinery, the automatic roll-ups, and all of the automatic belts that go into shipping the rugs. We’re still buying more and more machinery to meet the demand,” Carol explains.

As the largest woman-owned flooring business in the United States, Carol’s more than 45 years in business has paid off. “I serve on three charitable boards, and I wouldn’t be able to do that without what little success I have and that’s what’s important,” says Carol.

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