Supplier Spotlight: Wood's Greenhouse

Supplier Spotlight: A Powerful Partnership with Wood's Greenhouses

July 10, 2019

Matt and Renee Wood believe in the power of partnership. Not only have they been partners in marriage going on 18 years, they’re also owners of Wood’s Greenhouses in Asbury, N.J.

As an exclusive grower and valued partner for The Home Depot they grow annuals like geraniums, begonias and impatiens for New York metro stores. In their business partnership, the couple divides up the duties, with Matt running the growing side of the operation and Renee overseeing merchandising.

Since Matt took over the business in 1998, Wood’s Greenhouses has grown six times over. Most of that stems from the relationship with The Home Depot. Originally starting with two stores, they’ve grown to 15, twelve of which are in the New York metro area.

Talking with Matt and Renee, you get an idea of the breadth of the greenhouse business. Planting seeds, nurturing seedlings and shipping to the stores is just part of the business. Growers employ merchandisers to display the plants, keep them watered and order new stock.

“You have to be able to marry both the grower and properly trained merchandisers. Because no matter how beautiful it looks in the greenhouse, if there’s nobody to water it, the plant will not sell,” Renee says.

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