From Salmon to Jawbreakers: Moen GX Disposal vs. Everything

May 01, 2018

Your garbage disposal is probably not part of the kitchen you think about daily, but it is likely a key part of your daily clean-up. So, whether you’re scraping a dinner plate or disposing of a less than delicious meal, the Moen GX has you covered.

Moen disposal vs. everything

For the next time your date night in includes the whole salmon, the Moen GX has enough horsepower from head-to-tail.  

Moen GX vs. salmon

Grandma’s casserole not quite hitting the spot? Quietly send it down the disposal.

Moen GX vs. casserole

Were the flowers he bought too little too late? The Moen GX can offer some therapeutic removal.

Moen GX vs. flowers

Did someone at school hand out not-quite dentist approved jawbreakers? The Moen GX will make sure to destroy the evidence.

Moen GX vs. jawbreakers

For these and many other everyday (and not-so-everyday) items:

Moen GX wins


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