Nine Things to Include in Your Disaster Supply Kit That You May Not Have Thought About

May 31, 2019

You can’t predict if a disaster will impact your home, but you can prepare. Every family should have a basic disaster supply kit, like the one outlined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency that includes a first aid kit, a can opener and a weather radio. 

As hurricane season begins, families living near a coastline might consider taking their kit to the next level. We’ve picked nine things you may not have thought about, that deserve space in your kit this year. 


1. Portable Canteen with Water Filter

You’ve already packed water bottles in your basic disaster supply kit. FEMA suggests having one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days. 

If you don’t want to store that much, consider The Seychelle portable canteen that contains a water filter and can filter up to 100 gallons.


2. Lantern

Flashlights are a must for any disaster supply kit. Eveready lanterns float so they can’t be lost in water. 


3. Headlight

An Energizer adjustable headlight gives you back the use of your hands while giving off a beam four times brighter than standard LED technology. 


4. Emergency Flares

There may be times when you need to signal for help during a disaster. Orion Safety emergency flares last for 15 minutes and are easy to activate. 


5. Emergency Phone Charger

As a hurricane moves in, the power will likely go out. While there are many types of power banks, ChargeTab might be the most convenient for your phone. The pre-charged, single-use charger plugs directly into your phone without additional cords. 


6. Heavy-Duty Duct Tape

Duct tape is the most versatile tool in the kit. It makes emergency repairs, stops leaks and makes just about anything waterproof.  

Gorilla Heavy-Duty Duct Tape is three times stronger than average duct tape, withstands moisture, temperature changes and sticks to nearly all surfaces.


7. Dust Masks

After the storm moves through and the cleanup begins, dust and debris linger in the air. Dust masks from 3M are designed for easier breathing. 


8. Hand Sanitizer

Keeping hands clean during a disaster helps prevent the spread of germs and disease. Hand sanitizer is your best option if your tap water is not safe to use.


9. Insect Repellent

After a hurricane, conditions are ripe for mosquitos and other insects. Insect repellents like Cutter Backwoods repel bugs for up to 10 hours, including those that may carry diseases. 

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