Celebration of Service: Jerry Arnold


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October 01, 2014

As orange Team Depot shirts busily swarmed the yard behind him, Vietnam Veteran Jerry Arnold took a minute to reflect on the history of his home, which was purchased by his grandfather nearly 50 years ago.

“Everyone talks about how my grandfather used to keep the yard immaculate. Especially after he retired, he used to be in the yard all day long,” said Arnold. “I know my granddad is looking down on the work being done today and smiling at my family and The Home Depot team helping bring the yard back to life.”

Jerry Arnold’s life is dedicated to giving to others. From his service in the army during Vietnam to caring for sick siblings and a mother affected by Alzheimer’s, Jerry has devoted his life to the lives of others.

So, Team Depot decided it was time to give back to Jerry.

“I think for the first time, people are giving back to him, and I know he appreciates it so much,” said Ann-Marie Lieberman, Atlanta Midtown store manager and Team Depot captain on site. “I know it warms his heart to see that we really care about him and are so grateful for his service to our country and community.”

Jerry Arnold’s yard and home transformation was just one of 500 Celebration of Service kickoff projects that took place across the country. Check out Team Depot in action updating his yard and home for him and his family to enjoy for years to come.

Stay tuned for more Team Depot service and veteran stories during this year’s Celebration of Service campaign.

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