Fruit & Veggie Garden

Eat What You Sow: BFS Fruit and Veggie Guide

July 10, 2015

America’s passion for gardening has extended past the flowerbeds and into the kitchen. The food gardening movement has flourished in recent years, and now 42 million households in the U.S. are growing edible plants at home or in a community garden.

It’s not only fun to watch juicy tomatoes and vibrant peppers sprout up through the dirt—it’s economical and practical. Growing your own fruits and vegetables requires less time and space than you think.

Planting and providing the ideal conditions will have a big effect on the turnout of your crops, and it will be apparent in the taste. Most fruits and vegetables require a lot of sun and regular watering, and ideal soil types depend on the plant. For example, blueberries prefer acidic soil but carrots need a neutral balance. It’s easy to test your soil and adjust the pH levels accordingly.

Want to give edible gardening a try but not sure where to start? Check out our chart below to find some easy-to-grow fruits and vegetables—and best practices for cultivating.

Fruit & Veggie Guide

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