3 Back to School Tips for Getting Organized

August 21, 2018

Whether school has already started or you have a few remaining weeks of summer, these tips will help you organize your home and kids for back to school:

Organized closet

1. Cleaning out Your Closet: A disorganized closet makes you fall victim to overspending on a back to school wardrobe. Sort through no longer worn items and consider donating your discard pile to a local charity. Eliminate seasonal clutter with under-the-bed storage and add a closet organizer so each item has a place. You never know what lost shirt or missing shoe you may find with some simple organization.

Sterilite clear storage


2. Simple School Supplies: How many boxes of pens or packs of paper do you buy each year before back to school? Don’t re-purchase supplies each August just because the spares have been misplaced. Pick up a storage box for each child and keep any extra school supplies in one location. A clear option like this set of two from Sterilite lets you see what’s inside and labels make it easy to know who it belongs to.

Home Decorators Collection cube storage

3. Eliminate Early Morning Stress: Circumvent stressful mornings by designating a spot for all book bags, lunch bags and sports uniforms. A simple Command hook near the door is great for hanging bags up after school. Or consider a cube storage system like this one from Home Decorators Collection. Place it near the entryway to your home so the whole family can keep up with keys, completed homework or lunch bags. 

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