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The Homer Fund Celebrates 20 Years of Giving: Why We Give

March 14, 2019

In the wake of a family member’s death, a life-saving surgery or after a disaster, everyone could use some additional support. These are just some of the instances when The Homer Fund, a nonprofit exclusively for Home Depot associates, helps us be there for each other. Every dollar donated to The Homer Fund by associates goes right back to associates in need through the Direct and Matching Grant programs.

In 2018, The Homer Fund gave $13.1 million to more than 7,700 associates. This means associates like Ann-Marie, whose mother passed away, could pay for funeral expenses. Support was on the way for associates facing health crises, like Seng who underwent open-heart surgery. And it gave Mario the opportunity to be there for his friends in the store when the unexpected happens.  

Hear from associates about what motivates them to give to The Homer Fund.

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