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Christmas Tree Santas Coming to Town

December 24, 2018

There’s something magical about bringing home a freshly cut Christmas tree: the smell, the lights and the perfectly placed ornaments. Unfortunately, some families never have the chance to experience these moments.

“There’s many people who want but can’t afford a Christmas tree. This is something I had always taken for granted,” explains Alex Gramling, founder of Christmas Tree Santas. Alex had this epiphany when he was decluttering his basement in 2011. Rather than throwing away his artificial tree, he listed it as free online. A very emotional woman with her two sons picked up the tree, grateful for the act of kindness. Inspired, Alex contacted friends and family to help donate Christmas trees in their community.

By sheer chance, Alex met former Home Depot Chairman and CEO Frank Blake. Frank introduced Alex to several leaders at The Home Depot’s Store Support Center in Atlanta, and they agreed it would be a great partnership with the company’s logistics, buying power and desire to spread goodwill in communities.

“Everything that we do is a lot of what Home Depot’s mission is around the holidays,” explains Alex. In 2017, all the trees, lights and ornaments donated by Christmas Tree Santas came from The Home Depot and its suppliers. Assisting more than a dozen communities, Alex and his organization can now support hundreds of families in need during the holiday season.

“Some places, we give away gifts, treats, toys and really anything a family needs to enjoy a bright Merry Christmas,” says Alex. Everything they do centers around the Christmas tree as an important symbol of joy, family and happiness during the holidays. “The Home Depot’s contribution is such a great gift to our organization and our families, and we’re thrilled to partner with you and be able to grow our organization and our community reach each year.”

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