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Vintage Vibes: From Farm to Home, The Evolution of MayTag

July 24, 2015

Pastime Maytag WasherMaytag®, a company known today for its reliable home appliances, actually had an unlikely start—with farm machinery. But almost 15 years later, Frederick Louis Maytag felt there was a need for a more efficient home washing machine, so he decided to take the company into new territory.

More than a century has passed and Maytag is now solving a lot more problems than dirty laundry. From kitchen essentials like the dishwasher to comfort additions like central heating and cooling, the company offers a wide lineup for the home. We checked in with Maytag to learn more about how far the company has progressed and what their innovation means for you.

Tell us about the company’s venture into the washing machine space.

Maytag’s first wooden tub washers were developed in 1907, and they quickly evolved into the industry-first aluminum washer in 1919. This is just the first example of how the company works to innovate and create durable and reliable products that help consumers get the job done right.

How has the company and its products evolved over time?

Maytag was founded in 1893 on the belief that quality and performance are the most important elements in building dependable products. Maytag continues evolving its products to get the best results possible. To this day, the brand honors F.L. Maytag’s commitment of American-made products by continuing to design, engineer and assemble the appliances in the U.S.A.

Maytag Model RefrigeratorWhat are examples of key technology innovations seen in Maytag appliances?

Maytag products are built, inside and out, to take on the toughest jobs. In the laundry room, the Bravos XL washing machine brings customers great cleaning with its PowerWash system. In the kitchen, the 4-Door French Door refrigerator includes the PowerCold button to keep the refrigerator at the right temperature. It is also the industry’s first freestanding refrigerator to contain solid steel shelves. The Gemini® Double Oven features a Power Preheat to heat up the oven in just 9 minutes and a Power Burner with enough juice to sear a steak in less than a minute. 


Today, Maytag’s appliances are equipped to make tasks easier and more convenient for homeowners. The products have always been dependable, but technology has brought them a long way. Check out the images below to see how iconic Maytag appliances have evolved over time.

Maytag Then and Now

Maytag Washer: 1939 and 2015


Maytag Then and Now

Maytag Oven: 1949 and 2015


Maytag Then and Now

Maytag Dishwasher: 1966 and 2015