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December 05, 2014

There’s a new way to show off your home improvement personality. For the first time, The Home Depot is making THD Gear available to customers online. With a new line of Home Depot clothing and accessories for every occasion, we’ve got you covered for the holiday season.

Why should you be excited? Here are some reasons The Home Depot fanatics have given THD Gear their stamp of approval for this winter:

  1. Mom knows the to-do list will keep getting to-done in preparation for the holidays if her crew has the right gear.
    • Shoveling the driveway? Making sure the yard doesn’t get neglected over the winter season? Keeping warm to cook steak on the grill to feed family visitors? Check, check and check.
  1. The season’s most gut-wrenching football rivalries require some serious prep work.
    • Be the tailgate king. Need a koozie? Tailgating chairs? We’ve got you covered.
    • What’s the point of being well stocked with food and drink if you’re going to freeze? Keep the warmth in and tailgate on.
  1. With all of the holiday joy being with family and overeating brings, winter comes with its fair share of challenges.
  1. We know you’ve got lists up to your ears this time of year. Might as well make them look good.

And for the true Home Depot fanatics, what could be more festive than giving your Santa hat an orange makeover?