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Supplier Spotlight: Keeping Your Home and Valuables Safe with NU-SET

February 09, 2018

In 1997, Caron Ng was on track to become a United Nations interpreter. But, when her family needed her support for the family business, she stepped in – eventually working her way up from the warehouse all the way to her current position as NU SET’s vice president of business development.

NU-SET started 40 years ago in Hong Kong, ultimately moving to Los Angeles in 1993. The company is a third-generation, woman-owned lock manufacturer of padlocks, door locks, lock boxes and smart locks. Chances are, if you’ve ever purchased a home or gone to take a look at that condo your realtor promised you’d love, a NU-SET lockbox was there to grant you access.

With Caron’s guidance, NU-SET’s vision to transform legacy systems of the lock hardware industry is catapulting NU-SET’s innovations to the front of the Internet of Things technology revolution – redefining how we secure and share our spaces. 

We caught up with Caron to learn more about how the business began and the role The Home Depot has played in the company’s journey.

NU-SET quick facts

What did your first order at The Home Depot look like?

Our first order was one product. We are proud to now have more than 30 products available between in-store and online.

Any advice for new small and diverse suppliers that are just starting out?
Prepare well. Scalability will be one key factor to consider, but your supply chain and delivery network, fulfilment capabilities, and customer service solutions should at least be considered before approaching The Home Depot.

What is next for NU-SET?

We are excited to share our newest line of lockboxes. The EYECON smart lockbox uses picture passwords that provide increased levels of security and usability. Take a look: