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We Take Care of Our People

March 06, 2018

Last year was one for the records. Disaster after disaster affected our communities and our people. In response, more than 93 percent of associates – our highest participation rate ever – stepped up to take care of each other by making a donation to The Homer Fund. The nonprofit charity provides emergency financial assistance when crises strike. Every dollar donated went right back out to help more than 15,000 associates in need.

As we look back at how we helped each other, we remember the values our founders instilled in The Home Depot. When times are tough, we step up and take care of each other because it’s the right thing to do. And when we take care of our people, the rest truly takes care of itself.

Thank you for all you do to support The Homer Fund. This year’s fundraising campaign kicked off on February 15 and runs through Sunday, April 15. To find out more about The Homer Fund’s grant programs how to make a donation visit

Take a look at 2017 through the lens of The Homer Fund: