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The Homer Fund: Supporting Associates in Need with the Annual Orange at Heart Campaign

July 05, 2022

The Homer Fund, The Home Depot’s employee assistance program, is funded by associates and the company to help associates in need. Orange at Heart, the annual fundraising campaign, celebrates the generosity of our workforce. 

Every dollar donated goes right back to assisting fellow associates. The Homer Fund provides support no matter where, no matter when. At home. At work. At the auto shop. At any time. Wherever and whenever an associate needs support, we’re there. Because we’re all Orange at Heart. 

Since 1999, The Homer Fund has granted nearly $233 million to more than 165,000 associates in need, thanks to the collective support from fellow Home Depot associates. Since 2020, The Homer Fund supported associates through the unexpected pandemic with grants for COVID-19 related struggles, including necessary travel, loss of childcare, illness, bereavement and more.   

To learn about donation options, check eligibility or apply for a grant, visit