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The Home Depot Foundation Commits up to $500,000 in Response to Recent Winter Storms

February 25, 2021

In response to the recent winter storms devastating the nation, The Home Depot Foundation announced today that it is committing up to $500,000 to aid with immediate relief efforts and short- and long-term recovery for communities impacted by historic winter storms, Uri and Viola. This incremental commitment is in addition to the Foundation’s annual grants of $3.6 million to disaster relief national nonprofit partners, bringing the current total commitment for 2021 to $4.1 million. 

Although the extent of the recovery need is still being determined, this commitment will bolster immediate efforts, including distribution of water and kits containing additional critical supplies. Short-term recovery, including mold remediation and emergency home repairs, will take place as damage is assessed and conditions become secure. 

In partnership with experienced national nonprofit organizations, including Convoy of Hope, Operation Blessing, American Red Cross and Semper Fi & America’s Fund, the Foundation has been safely deploying essential supplies to the areas stricken with power outages, water shortages, freezing temperatures and plumbing damage. The Home Depot Foundation works with these and other national and local nonprofit partners on an ongoing basis to proactively position emergency supplies and promote timely distribution to communities in need. 

The Foundation has long-established connections with local nonprofits in Texas, and its associate volunteer force, Team Depot, has been partnering with Meals on Wheels Central Texas, Rebuilding Together Houston and the City of Dallas to assess damage and need. For example, last week, the Foundation partnered with the City of Dallas to provide seniors and families with much-needed generators, products and cleaning supplies. 

"The Home Depot supplies generously donated to the City of Dallas will support our most vulnerable populations, including seniors and families, during the 2021 winter weather conditions,” said Carrie Rogers, director, Dallas Mayor and City Council Office. 

“Our hearts and prayers go out to our associates and the communities suffering from the effects of these catastrophic winter storms,” expresses Shannon Gerber, executive director of The Home Depot Foundation. “We’re working with heightened intentionality to mobilize critical supplies and provide emergency repairs, once safe to proceed.” 

The company engaged its Emergency Response Team to respond to the immediate needs of its stores, associates and communities, flowing supplies into the impacted areas throughout the crisis. The Home Depot’s merchandising and supply chain teams are working around the clock to replenish in-demand items like plumbing materials, wet/dry vacuums, generators, and cleaning supplies. 

In addition to numerous stores in the impacted areas, The Home Depot operates several technology centers in Texas, including one in Dallas and two in Austin, where cross-functional teams of engineers worked throughout the storms to maintain networks, platforms and applications supporting stores and other business operations. 

The Home Depot’s employee assistance program, The Homer Fund, processed more than 1,300 grants for associates affected by the storms and has already provided more than $500,000 in emergency support. 

In 2020, The Home Depot Foundation committed more than $4 million to natural disaster relief efforts.