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Celebrating Four Nextdoor Neighbors Who Support Their Communities

December 21, 2021

There’s no better time to explore your neighborhood than during the holiday season. Oversized decorations, timed light shows and colorful props create a winter wonderland – and Nextdoor’s Cheer Map notifies you of the best, must-see scenes in your area.  

But even more important than those stunning displays are the people behind them. Together with Nextdoor, we surprised four incredible neighbors with a $500 Home Depot gift card to help them continue to bring cheer to their neighborhoods. 

Here’s how they're making a positive impact in their communities.  


San Francisco, CA: Tricia’s Sweets Support Small Businesses 

Nextdoor’s popular online group, “Any Excuse to Bake,” regularly enjoys pictures of tasty treats from Tricia’s Sweet Confections one-stop dessert shop. Tricia, a local business owner, shares photos of her homemade sweets with captions encouraging her neighbors to shop small and support Black-owned, women-owned businesses. 


Jonesboro, GA: Valentino’s Gingerbread House

Dressing his house in a stunning display of twinkling Christmas lights is an annual event for Valentino. Known as the “Gingerbread House” around his neighborhood, his home is a welcome spot for locals to enjoy the season. When inviting his Nextdoor neighbors over, he often encourages them to donate to charities that will support others throughout the holiday season. 


Thornton, CO: Janae’s New Snow Globe Collection

Janae’s neighbors rallied to replace her years-long snow globe collection after her aunt shared on Nextdoor that it had been destroyed overnight. For her family, her collection had special significance as Janae has Williams Syndrome, which can make it difficult to connect with toys or objects. In the end, Janae’s aunt surprised her with a total of 86 snow globes donated by neighbors through Nextdoor. 


Houston, TX: Guy’s Christmas Canes for Veterans 

Every year, Guy collects donations of Christmas trees to recycle into custom wooden canes for retired military members across the country. He creates each cane himself, crafting sentimental elements that pull from his own experiences as a veteran. 

To learn more about our partnership with Nextdoor, click here.