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The Home Depot Supply Chain Associate Shares How His Early Childhood Shaped His Life and Career

October 20, 2022

Life for Hunter Keister was always going to be different. Born three months prematurely, he could fit inside his mother’s hand. Every day he beat the odds as he kept breathing, eating, and moving. 

He endured therapies and surgeries as a child, as doctors tried to lengthen the tendons in his legs. He wore casts and used adaptive devices. It was later discovered that Hunter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Still, he rode a bike, played games and swam with his friends. He never said no to a new opportunity. 

Now, Hunter is a supply chain associate who began his career at The Home Depot three years ago. He’s making a big impact on his coworkers and is known for working hard, trying new things and inspiring those around him. This mentality shapes the way he approaches tough moments in life. Here’s his story: 

Hunter says he’s grateful to be in a workplace that embraces his natural tendencies to try new things and reach for more.  

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