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Behind the Apron: How Store Manager Kierra Fosters a Supportive Culture

December 14, 2023

“The true culture is taking care of your people,” says Kierra Blake, store manager in Pace, Florida. “It’s showing up, it’s being authentic, it’s listening and it’s taking the time to invest in them. And that’s really the most important thing that you can give someone else, is your time.”

Kierra has grown her career at The Home Depot by mastering each role and moving where she’s needed. She’s worked in multiple stores across South Georgia and the Florida Panhandle during her eight years at the company. Along the way, Kierra earned a college degree and fell in love with the company’s culture, which she credits to great leaders, mentors and associates around her.

As a store manager, she is focused on supporting her team’s professional development and looks forward to helping others every single day.

Behind the Apron is a video docuseries that focuses on associate stories of perseverance, personal growth, community service, and reinforces The Home Depot’s core values.

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