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District HR Manager and 10-Year Army Veteran Shares Tips for Success

November 10, 2022

Currently on reserve in the U.S. Army as a Company Commander, Krystal Mora is a 10-year military veteran and district human resources manager at The Home Depot. 

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Krystal’s responsibilities in the military closely align with her position as an HR manager. “I'm lucky enough that my experience directly translates into the civilian side,” she says. Both roles focus on staffing, engagement, performance management and caring for people. Managing four platoons is like juggling HR support for the nine stores in her district. “Every Monday, I review my reports, and I make a plan for what I am going to focus on to make a difference,” says Krystal. 

The diversity and growth opportunities attracted Krystal to The Home Depot. “It's amazing that there are individuals in the Executive Leadership Team that started as cashiers,” she shares.  

Krystal and team

Krystal understands and appreciates the growth possibilities that come from putting in the work. As the pandemic forced everyone to shift to a virtual environment, she found herself drawn to the online growth opportunities available: “[The company] has a plethora of resources for us to work on our development and help us advance.” 

Krystal is thankful that her whole team was very welcoming when she joined the company: “There wasn't a period of ‘proving yourself,’ at least not for me.” The stores in her district have all been open to her ideas and trusted her direction from day one, and support from her leadership has been critical to balancing her professional responsibilities.  

Krystal's quote

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