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Veteran Housing Grant FAQs

How long are grant terms?

A typical grant term for the Home Depot Foundation is 12 months.

In what parts of the United States do you award grants for veteran housing?

We award grants throughout the United States, and Puerto Rico. Rural areas will be considered, however high priority will be placed on large metropolitan areas that have a dense veteran population.

What are the reporting requirements for a Veteran Housing Grant?

An interim report will be due mid-way through the grant terms, and a final report will be due at the end of the grant terms. We provide you with a form to fill out similar to your initial application. The entire process is online.

When will a decision be reached regarding my proposal?

You will be contacted by a THDF Staff member no later than 45 days after submission with regard to your initial proposal. At that point, you may be asked to complete a full application, and subsequently will be subjected to a third-party review of your organization. Upon a successful review we will submit the proposed grant to our Board of Directors for final approval at the next available board meeting (held three times per year).

When will I receive my award?

Once the award has been approved by The Foundation’s Management Board, you will receive a formal grant agreement. Upon completion, we will release payment to your organization as specified in the agreement.

What is a third party review, and who will be conducting it?

A third-party review is a financial analysis and evaluation of business practices, conducted in order to identify potential issues for further consideration by our Foundation. Applicants may be required to participate in interviews with a third party vendor. We are currently contracted with KPMG, LLP to conduct these reviews.

Does a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), count as “evidence of a third party binding agreement that ensures the units are reserved for veterans”?

No, this document is not legally binding and therefore will not be accepted.

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