Training with Industry: An Invaluable Experience

July 02, 2019

When Navy Supply Corps Officer Craig Dziewiatkowski found out he would be a part of the Training With Industry (TWI) fellowship at The Home Depot, he knew the experience would be invaluable.

“You have the opportunity to embed in one of the greatest companies in the industry,” Craig says.

TWI gives military officers a chance to work with Fortune 500 companies for one year. These officers learn valuable techniques on business functions to take back to the field. For Craig, that means getting to work alongside leaders in Supply Chain at The Home Depot. He gets hands-on experience with new technologies and business practices that directly tie back to the Navy.

Craig’s responsibilities include being involved on the Supply Chain Transportation team. He works on projects that other Navy fellows have started before him. He also engages on teams that are working on skills that are applicable to the Navy. But it’s not all about technical skills. 

“The thing I love about Home Depot is the values wheel,” says Craig. “The bleeding orange culture is unique to any company.”

Values like taking care of our people and building strong relationships are similar to the culture of leadership and camaraderie Craig has experienced in the Navy. From the time he was a 17-year-old wrestler at the Naval Academy up until now, Craig has been developing his skills as a leader through serving alongside many people with diverse backgrounds.

Whether it’s in the Navy or at The Home Depot, Craig knows that to be successful, “you all have to come together as a team to serve one purpose.”

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