Remembering John Lewis

Remembering John Lewis

July 18, 2020

Sadly, we lost an American hero with the passing of U.S. Congressman and civil rights legend, John Lewis. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest champions for civil liberties and justice, not only for Black Americans, but for all Americans. 

As a college student in the 1960s, Lewis became one of the most notable figures of the Civil Rights Movement. He marched across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama alongside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his childhood hero, and other Civil Rights leaders. That day of March 7, 1965 became known as “Bloody Sunday” after Lewis and other peaceful demonstrators were violently beaten during their protest. 

Lewis became known as one of the Big Six leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, an effort he never relinquished for the remainder of his life. 

He was elected to the United States Congress in 1986. During those 34 years of Congressional service, Lewis became known as the “conscience of the U.S. Congress.” He was tenacious in his beliefs while continuously seeking common ground with his fellow Congressman, regardless of their political affiliation.

In 2017, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights honored John Lewis with the organization's highest award, its Robert F. Kennedy Justice Prize. While accepting the award, Congressman Lewis said, “When you see something that’s not right, not just, you have to stand up. You have to speak out. And you have to get in the way.”

Congressman Lewis was a beloved friend of countless Home Depot associates, many of whom were his constituents in the 5th Congressional District of Georgia. In addition to several visits Lewis made to The Home Depot’s Store Support Center, associates had the opportunity to meet him and experience his warmth and generous spirit firsthand at company-supported programs such as birthday celebrations and Georgia Legislative Black Caucus events.

On his last visit to The Home Depot’s Store Support Center he delivered passionate and inspirational remarks to a standing-room-only crowd of Home Depot associates. 

We will truly miss Congressman Lewis, but we will always remember him as one of the most inspirational leaders of our time who never lost his relentless tenacity for justice and equality. 

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