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Renewable Energy Purchase Advances Home Depot’s Goal to Secure 335 MW of Renewable and Alternative Energy by 2025

October 13, 2020

The Home Depot is on the hunt for sustainable, renewable energy. The goal is to make or purchase 335 megawatts (MW) of alternate energy projects by 2025. 75 MW is enough to power 150 Home Depot stores -- which is exactly how much the company will receive from a new solar energy facility opening in 2021.

Enel Green Power is building the new solar energy facility as a hybrid Azure Sky Solar + Storage plant. It's expected to generate 586 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy each year, which will power the grid and charge a battery stored in the same facility – avoiding annual emissions of over 386,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It’s expected to open in Haskell County, Texas, in 2021 and generate a total of 225 MW.

For The Home Depot, that means a new source of clean, sustainable energy. This agreement is the retailer’s largest renewable energy partnership to date and advances sustainability goals already in place to expand energy options, reduce the carbon footprint and strengthen the business case for clean power.

“Our collaboration with Enel Green Power strengthens our efforts to tap into sustainable energy that’s produced off-site,” says Ron Jarvis, chief sustainability officer at The Home Depot. “Not only does it expand our energy options and reduce our carbon footprint, but when The Home Depot procures or produces energy from renewable sources, we strengthen the business case for clean power alternatives.”

This isn’t The Home Depot’s first green partnership for renewable energy. In 2017, the company purchased enough wind energy to power 100 Home Depot stores from EDP Renewables North America. Learn more about that partnership here

 To learn more about the organization’s sustainability goals, check out the 2020 Responsibility Report

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