Mohawk Industries championing sustainable flooring


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First Look: See How Mohawk Industries Champions Sustainable Flooring

January 31, 2018

Did you know that 90 percent of our time is spent indoors? Surfaces we touch everyday impact indoor air quality and our health, so it’s critical we’re aware of the products surrounding us.

Mohawk Industries, a flooring manufacturer headquartered in Calhoun, Georgia, is committed to sustainability through better manufacturing and operations processes – providing products without negative impacts on our health and the planet’s health.

In fact, the company has more than 500 red list-free flooring options, offering an array of selections that help contribute to healthy spaces, avoiding chemicals of concern to retailers, including The Home Depot.

Mohawk Industries did you know facts

Take a behind the scenes look at Mohawk’s operation with George Bandy, vice president of sustainability: 

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