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Making Sense of WaterSense

May 25, 2018

Did you know that toilets are your home’s main source of water use? Or that replacing an old toilet with a WaterSense-label toilet can save up to 13,000 gallons – and that’s $110 a year? Tack on a new faucet and showerhead and you’re looking at saving 700 and 2,900 gallons.

If you purchased a showerhead, faucet or toilet from The Home Depot in the last few years, chances are you bought an environmentally-preferred, water-efficient product whether or not you meant to.

That’s because 100 percent of all new bathroom faucets, showerheads and toilets in our aisles are WaterSense-labeled. Meaning you can be green without even trying. No wonder The Home Depot has been named EPA WaterSense Partner of the Year six years running.

Products bearing the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense® label have been put through third party testing and meet specific standards—meaning they are at least 20 percent more efficient without sacrificing performance.

Want to save even more? Check out these tips:

10 Ways to Save 30,000 gallons of water

WaterSense makes good sense and cents. Stop in your local Home Depot store and make an important investment in water savings.

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