Karen’s Premier League soccer surprise

August 08, 2018

Every sports superfan dreams of holding their team’s championship trophy. Karen Moore, a Manchester City Football Club fan, recently got the surprise of a lifetime when her favorite soccer team came to surprise her with the Premier League trophy at The Home Depot in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Karen’s 30-year fandom of the team started innocently enough. She was looking for a team to root for and discovered Manchester City in the pages of her hometown newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It became my team because I’ve always supported the underdog.”

Over the years, Karen has collected numerous jerseys, shirts and pins to proudly display her Premier League fan status. In her free time, she keeps up with the team on social media fan sites and catches every game she can on TV with the local chapter of Manchester City’s worldwide supporters group. This dedication led to her nomination for the visit from the team on their U.S. tour this summer.

In preparation for the day, the store surprised her with a replica of the Premier League trophy, made of parts and products found at The Home Depot. A tiki torch, metal cooler and some flashing came together for a replica worth raising to celebrate.

After the reveal, Manchester City whisked Karen and the trophy away to one of Philadelphia’s most iconic landmarks – the Museum of Art. “We were at the base of the infamous Rocky steps. You never know who or what is going to be there when you roll up,” Karen says. “Soccer fans were quite surprised and were quick to whip out their phones!”

This soccer surprise will go down as one of Karen’s most memorable days in her five years with The Home Depot. “It was so neat to share this with the other fans in the store,” Karen says. “It’s fun to work for a company that likes their people enough to make something like this happen.”

Watch the store present the THD version of the Premier League trophy, and then take Karen to meet the real deal.

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