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Get Smart on Energy Saving This Summer

May 17, 2019

Summer is a time for friends, family, and…sweating? Cooling off by blasting the air conditioning might seem like a good solution. Due to increased CO2 emissions, when appliances aren’t energy efficient, cooler temperatures inside can mean hotter temperatures outside for the environment. 

More than 16,000 Energy Star certified products in stores and on make it easier for you to reduce carbon emissions in your home. These products save energy without sacrificing features or functionality, helping prevent climate change. 

To help reduce our own CO2 emissions, we’ve pledged to lower our carbon emissions by 50% by the year 2035. These are just a few of the steps we’re taking to achieve this:

  • Harnessing alternative energy
  • Participating in demand mitigation programs
  • Installing energy-efficient heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems

By tapping into sustainable energy produced off-site (wind and solar farms) and on-site (rooftop solar farms and fuel cells), we’re one step closer to our goal of leveraging 135 megawatts of alternative and renewable energy by 2020. “Managing carbon emissions has been a focus for The Home Depot for the past 10 years,” says Ron Jarvis, vice president of environmental innovation.

To learn how to lower your CO2 emissions at home, check our six tips on reducing energy costs this summer.

See how we're helping reduce our CO2 emissions with the interactive store map below. Zoom in and out while clicking on the numbers to visit the different parts of our store.

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