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Eco-Flooring: Sustainable Options for You and the Environment

September 08, 2020

Flooring has come a long way since handwoven grass carpets of pre-historic times. Throughout history, there have been hundreds of variations, resulting in the modern, eco-flooring options available today. 

To better understand all the sustainable flooring choices available at your fingertips, it’s important to uncover the four layers:  

  1. Floor covering—showcases the surface and style 
  2. Underlayment—helps prepare with a smooth finish 
  3. Subfloor—provides sturdiness 
  4. Joists—offers structural stability 


From top to bottom, each of these layers creates an opportunity to make eco-friendly choices. To help identify which ones work best for you, check out some of the most sustainable flooring materials available: 

Learn more about The Home Depot’s commitment to sustainability in the 2020 Responsibility Report. 

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