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Building a Brighter Future: Back-to-School Season Begins for The Home Depot Foundation’s Path to Pro Students

August 24, 2023

Just as the remaining summer days are winding down, a new season of learning arrives. In partnership with SkillPointe Foundation, The Home Depot’s Path to Pro program is redefining the back-to-school experience, equipping students with the essential tools required to navigate their journey.  
Scholars are sharing their perspective on why they're choosing a career in the skilled trades. 

Lazaro Samano Pull Quote

Lazaro Samano always dreamt of pursuing a career in construction. He wants to help build homes and work on challenging commercial construction sites and loves seeing the progression of these large-scale projects. After graduation, he’ll pursue a job as a project coordinator, project estimator or construction management assistant.  

Sabrina Krause Pull Quote

Sabrina grew up with a love for math and figuring out how things work. She studied Civil Engineering in college and decided to pursue Construction Management after speaking with a student advisor. As a woman in the skilled trades industry with ADHD, she knows the road ahead may be difficult, but she refuses to let that hold her back. 

Aaron Kirby Pull Quote

Aaron has worked in various trades over the years, including insulation installation and vessel engineering in Alaska. He is now studying HVAC while taking care of his fianceé and their four children. After graduation, Aaron wants to become a commercial or residential service technician. 

Meredith Metz  Pull Quote

Meredith says her childhood was “filled with Legos and Lincoln logs.” In grade school, she helped build technical theater sets and started helping with disaster response teams as an adult: “I have had a lifelong interest in building things hands-on.” Now, she's studying woodworking and wants to start her own home renovation after graduation. 

To learn more about The Home Depot Foundation’s commitment to trades training visit our website or check out the 2023 ESG Report.