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Protecting the Climate: Supply Chain Efficiency

April 26, 2023

By making our supply chain more efficient, we reduce business costs and the impact that our product distribution has on the environment. 

We continue to make progress on our multi-year supply chain initiative to create the fastest, most efficient and reliable delivery network for home improvement products. 

When we announced our approximately $1.2 billion supply chain initiative in 2017, we could have never envisioned the disruption to the global supply chain because of the pandemic. Due to our supply chain investments, however, we have demonstrated our ability to navigate any environment. 

In addition, our supply chain investments have helped us move record amounts of product more efficiently. Despite seeing another year of record product volume move through our business, our new supply chain facilities helped us reduce the miles driven to get products from our vendors to our customers.  

Even as supply chain volume increased, the efficiencies we gained in our operations and our investments in green energy helped us reduce our carbon intensity. 

Ways we're driving supply chain improvements infographic