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Circularity in Action: Our Commitment to Composting and Sustainability

August 03, 2021

In Puget Sound, Washington, associates are turning trash into something customers can use. Flowers, soil, and other retired organic items are being composted instead of thrown away. 

For over a decade, more than 20 stores have been partnering with local environmental solutions company Cedar Grove to dispose of their organic waste. Cedar Grove turns these materials into a compost that’s sold in local Home Depot stores. 

“Prior to our partnership with Cedar Grove, compostable materials would go into our compactors with the rest of the trash and get transported to a landfill,” explains Jason Kirk, store manager at The Home Depot in Seattle, Washington. “Now several million pounds are recycled each year instead.” 

Alongside the purchase of renewable energy and a long-term battery recycling program, the company is committed to reducing its environmental impact.  

To learn more about The Home Depot’s sustainability goals, check the 2021 ESG Report and Eco Actions website.