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Call2Recycle: The Home Depot Recycles Ten Million Pounds of Rechargeable Batteries

February 18, 2019

**Updated July 15, 2019**

The rechargeable battery is an amazing convenience that enables us to do more things with greater mobility and efficiency than ever, from cell phones to outdoor power equipment. But even rechargeable batteries don’t last forever, and as we adopt newer battery technologies the old ones need to be disposed of properly.

Call2Recycle® is a nonprofit battery stewardship program that’s worked with The Home Depot since 2001 to offer in-store rechargeable battery collection.   Through the program, The Home Depot has helped recycle 10 million pounds of rechargeable batteries since the program inception, becoming the first Call2Recycle retail participant in the United States to achieve this milestone.  Today, Home Depot stores in nearly every state offer this program to customers.

At any designated drop-off location, customers can recycle all used portable rechargeable batteries – those batteries commonly found in traditional household items. Rechargeable batteries can be found in cordless power tools, cell and cordless phones, laptops, digital cameras, two-way radios, camcorders, remote control toys and other portable electronics. Any rechargeable battery or cellphone that weighs up to 11 pounds is accepted.

To a find a drop off location near you, visit: