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September 01, 2014

Think you know our aisles inside and out? Let’s take a closer look.

Behind our handwritten signs is a deep-rooted commitment to changing the way we live, work and think about our future.

You may be familiar with our energy efficient product offerings, but our commitment extends beyond our aisles.

(1) Each tank saves an estimated average of 500,000 gallons per year and is used to irrigate our Garden Centers in select stores

(2) Dual-flush, low-flow toilets and urinals; low-flow faucets that reduce water usage by 40%

(3) Switched to high-efficiency T5 fluorescent lighting, lowered wattage from 49 watts to 44 watts

(4) Local materials for construction of new buildings, i.e. concrete, stone, etc.

(5) Exterior building signs are two-strand LED rather than fluorescent

(6) Eight zoned planting areas, incorporating local hardy species where landscaping is required to minimize maintenance and water use

(7) Concrete uses a densified system vs. diamond grinding, eliminating 5,000 to 7,000 gallons of slurry water that would have to be disposed of properly

(8) Energy management systems for lighting controls and high-efficiency HVAC units

(9) Recycles metal materials for bar joists and roof deck

(10) White thermoplastic polyolefin roofs have high reflectivity and will reduce heat island effect

(11) Reduced the number of parking spaces required at our stores, which reduces the impervious surface space and adds more green space

(12) Lighting in parking lot is shut off one to three hours after closing and security lights are kept to a minimum. 330w lamps implemented on new stores versus 400w lamps for parking lot lights

(13) All new stores have airlock vestibules and exits to reduce air infiltration

(14) New irrigation systems that reduce water usage by 35% where irrigation is necessary

(15) CO2 sensors to maintain good air quality