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Break from Tradition with Alternative Valentine’s Day Florals

February 06, 2024

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This Valentine's Day
Consider something new

Feb. 14 is fast approaching. While roses often dominate the floral landscape this time of year, there are other romantic options to consider. Escape the ordinary this season and discover some captivating alternatives your Valentine will love and cherish long after the flowers wilt.

Bromeliads header

Tropical houseplants like Bromeliads feature classic blooms in red hues. These are a perfect fit for your Valentine’s Day color scheme. Most options come in four- to six-inch pots, making them the ideal accent for a desk or small tabletop.

Orchids header

For more vibrant hues, choose an orchid (Phalaenopsis). These come in beautiful shades of white, purple, green, blue and pink. Pre-potted options are convenient and ready for placement.

Anthrurium header

The leaves of an Anthurium are glossy and heart-shaped, making them perfect for Valentine’s Day. These plants also help cleanse the air of harmful chemicals and can bloom all year round when properly cared for.

Succulents header

Cactus plants, aloe vera, and other small, potted succulents make a great gift for any occasion. They have a high tolerance to low light, and this makes them an exceptional choice for February when many homes see less daylight.

If your loved one swoons over classic flowers, the fresh cut roses program guarantees delivery by Valentine’s Day when you order by Feb. 10. Visit your local Home Depot Garden Center for more options and live gift ideas and check out for tips on how to care for houseplants.