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Malaysia Native and Georgia Associate Azieda Abdul Rahim Shares Her Home Depot Story

May 25, 2022

Azieda Abdul Rahim, a Home Depot associate in Suwanee, Georgia, is a proud Malay woman. She was born and raised in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia, and it was there she started her family and spent 16 years as a successful financial advisor for Prudential Malaysia. 

In 2005, Azieda’s two daughters packed up their lives in Malaysia to pursue college degrees in Florida. Azieda saw this as an opportunity to take a break from her demanding career and move with them temporarily, always planning to return to her home country.  

“When my youngest daughter, Azieza, graduated from college, she was offered a job in Atlanta,” Azieda explains. “We have a close-knit family, so after receiving the blessing from my parents, I made the decision to permanently move to Atlanta with her.”  

As Azieda settled into her new life in Atlanta, she began looking for a job where she could work with people and have access to growth opportunities. She joined The Home Depot as a part-time cashier and was later offered a full-time role.  

One thing Azieda loves about being a cashier is her interaction with customers at each transaction. “The cashiers are the last customer interaction at the store, so I make sure the customers leave happy and satisfied, ensuring they want to come back.” 

Her passion for serving customers doesn’t go unnoticed, and she’s been recognized as Cashier of the Month several times. “Being respectful and polite to others is deeply embedded into our Malay heritage,” she says. “I learned a lot of my values from my mother and mentor, Sharifah Chik. She is graceful, loving and fair, yet firm in her values and principles.” 

Azieda has big plans in store for her Home Depot career. She wants to join the management team, where she can continue to develop her skills. “My biggest piece of advice is to never stop learning. Be a team player and value your network.” 

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