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Supply Chain elevates The Home Depot into Gartner Top 25

June 08, 2018

The Home Depot is back on Gartner Research’s Supply Chain Top 25 rankings this year, thanks in part to a focus on technology and innovation in the distribution centers. The company’s omnichannel approach and environmental sustainability efforts were key to reaching the Top 25, according to Supply Chain Dive.

Project Sync is one piece of the retailer’s supply chain puzzle – resulting in 4,000 fewer trucks on the road last year and a reduction of 18 million miles driven. Clean transportation best practices like truckload optimization, greenhouse gases data collection and reporting, and more contributed to the company’s jump up the list.

The Home Depot announced late last year that it is investing $1.2 billion back into supply chain, with equipment, technology and infrastructure across the network to meet the changing demands of current and future customers. This means faster delivery and more product fulfillment and delivery options than anyone else in home improvement.