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July 29, 2015

The Home Depot Canada was named the 2015 ENERGY STAR Retailer of the Year by Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources for the second year in a row. The award recognizes The Home Depot Canada for its leadership in product innovation, operational efficiencies and customer education.newsroom/home-depot-canada-named-energy-star-retailer-year

As the sole Retailer of the Year, The Home Depot Canada was one of 13 companies recognized for advancing energy efficiency.

To learn more about the ENERGY STAR advancements taking place up north, we sat down with Paul Berto of Home Depot Canada.

What does it mean for Home Depot Canada to be recognized for innovation in energy efficiency for the second year in a row?

This award is a great motivator for us to continue holding our sustainability efforts to a higher standard. We’re constantly empowering our customers and associates with sustainable options while working towards reducing the impact that our products and operations have in the communities that we work in.

How has your team moved the needle for energy efficiency in the home improvement industry over the past year?

It’s always been our goal to provide the largest selection of home improvement products while helping customers benefit from energy efficient solutions, and we’ve able to execute on that goal greater than ever before. In the past year, we expanded our assortment of energy-efficient products exponentially with new offerings in categories like LED bulbs and appliances. We also doubled down on making sure our customers have the know-how to live green by offering more in-store and online resources through our Eco Options program.

What’s next for Home Depot Canada and ENERGY STAR?

The future is bright for helping customers make better choices for the environment when improving their home. Our ongoing collaboration with vendors and industry partners will enable us to offer the best value while strengthening our future impact on the environment.