Charting Holiday Decorations from Coast to Coast

December 05, 2018

Different parts of the U.S. have unique preferences for decking the halls each holiday season. Check out how your state or region compares:


Oregon loves Christmas lights more than any other market.


Christas Ornament


Las Vegas opts for ornaments at a higher rate than anywhere else.  


Christmas wreath


In Alabama and Louisiana, artificial wreaths are popular holiday décor.  



When it comes to trees, Georgia and Virginia shoppers go for the artificial more than other markets.


Santa's sleigh


For Pennsylvanians, decorating isn’t complete without a decked-out yard display.


Christmas stocking


New Yorkers short on outdoor space stay indoors and stock up on stockings.


Christmas candle and ribbon


Throughout New England, ribbons and candles emerge as festive favorites. 



No one loves inflatables as much as Floridians, who buy them at the highest rate in the country.




Across the Midwest, the most popular indoor décor item is this incredible six-foot tall animated, singing Santa.


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