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Exclusive Supplier Pure Beauty Farms Talks Family Business, Growth and Expansion

October 13, 2022

Long before Henry Yanes founded plant nursery Pure Beauty Farms with his brother Victor, he remembers growing up in Cuba during the Cuban Revolution.  

“My mother and grandparents quickly put me on a plane to the U.S. with nothing but a badge that displayed my name, blood type and the names of family friends with whom I’d stay with in Miami,” Henry recalls.  

Their father was one of the American-trained Cubans to participate in the Bay of Pigs invasion, an overt military operation against Fidel Castro. The invasion didn’t go as planned, and their father was taken as a prisoner of war. 18 months later, he was released from prison, and the whole family was reunited in the U.S.  

Henry built a career at Lovell Farms before joining forces with his brother in 1993 to start Pure Beauty Farms. They began with just 15 acres of land and eight employees. Today, the Miami-based nursery has more than 520 acres of land, 600 employees and an exclusive partnership with The Home Depot.  

The Home Depot and Pure Beauty Farms have grown together over the past few decades. Pure Beauty Farms is currently one of the largest plant nurseries in the Southeast. They grow more than 600 varieties of annuals, perennials, florals, poinsettias, cacti and succulents.